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HTC Spark Rumour Confirmed as Windows Phone 7 Smartphone

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HTC Spark Windows Phone 7GLOBAL – Since July, a new HTC Windows Phone 7 smartphone has been rumoured, named as Spark. This has now been confirmed, as BGR released an image of the phone, with the name HTC Spark displaying on the screen in the information display.

The phone with the expected specifications, which are mere speculations at the moment, are a 5 megapixel camera, 512MB RAM, 512MB ROM, GPS, and Windows Phone 7. This may not be just speculation, but definite specs of the handset, as these are the standard features of a modern smartphone.

The phone would be easily boasting about a processor as powerful as 1GHz, that will make the already smooth Windows Phone 7 mobile platform, a joy ride with the ability to multi-task without a hiccup. The concern here being the under-powered battery of this multimedia powerhouse which is speculated at just 1300mAh, which can provide below decent standby time and talk time.

With Windows Phone 7 being released on the 11th of October, the launch date of the HTC Spark can’t be very far away, especially as the Christmas sales season is fast approaching.

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