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Popular BlackBerry OS 6 Theme Killed by BlackBerry-Maker

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BlackBerry OS6 WJD themeWATERLOO, Canada – In anticipation of the release of the long awaited BlackBerry OS 6.0 software, WJD Designs built and released a theme that emulated what the company thought the new OS would look like.

WJD’s theme was not the only one out there that mimics what OS 6.0 is thought to be like; it was one of the most popular at Mobihand’s app store. Apparently, it must have been a little too close for the legal minds at RIM, it was pulled from distribution this week.

The move is a bit puzzling by RIM, why not let the developers have a little fun and see what they can come up with? It’s only a theme, not the entire operating system. One would think that a little excitement around the new OS would build anticipation and help to drive sales when it finally is released. Marketing should have a word with legal, and vice-versa before pulling the rug out from under the same people that they will be counting on to develop apps and themes for BlackBerry devices for years to come. Perhaps an apology or an explanation is in order.

The developer community is an important asset to the phone manufacturer, an asset that should be treated with respect and dignity.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Jun 26th, 2010 GMT +2


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