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Dev Team Update Pwnage Tool to 4.01 to Jailbreak iOS 4

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GLOBAL – With Apple releasing its latest mobile OS, now known as iOS 4, along with the fourth generation iPhone early this week, hackers worldwide set off with the task of hacking the the OS powering iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Just over a couple of days after the iPhone 4 and the iOS 4 were made available to the public, the famed Dev team has released the first iOS 4 jailbreaking tool in the form of Pwnage 4.01.

As of now, iOS 4 is available only for iPhone (3rd generation and higher) and iTouch (3rd generation and later), with the iPad version of iOS 4 expected in fall this year.

While iOS 4 adds over 100 new features, earlier devices are left out of some features owing to their hardware limitations such as the iPhone 3G, which is left out of multi-tasking and Facetime, and iPhone 3GS, which has to settle for iOS 4 minus the goodies of Facetime.

However, keeping in mind the diversities of the devices in question, the Dev team has updated its Pwnage tool to cover most of the supported devices. The team wasn’t able to cover the entire gamut of iOS 4 supported devices with Pwnage 4.01 tool supporting iPhone (3G and 3GS) and iPodĀ  touch 2G, owing to certain technical isssues.

While the iOS 4 update file for iPhone (3GS) is somewhere in the vicinity of 400 MB, the Pwnage jailbreak tool weighs in at a meager 14MB. Jailbroken iPhone users will be able to update their OS, provided they have not used SPIRIT tool for jailbreak. The jailbreak tool is available for free download via bit-torrent (official) and several mirrors providing direct downloads.

With rival hacker Geohot ruling out any work on jailbreaking iOS 4, iPhone jailbreakers will have to rely on Pwnage tool in the subsequent months to jailbreak their iOS 4 devices.

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By , Chief International Correspondent on Jun 24th, 2010 GMT +2


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