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HP Rumored to be Rolling-Out WebOS Tablets Soon

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GLOBAL – Weeks after acquiring Palm, leading PC manufacturer HP is in the rumor mills again with yet another Palm-related leak. As HP announced during its media statement after acquiring Palm, WebOS is headed to HP’s tablets, and industry insiders believe that a WebOS powered HP tablet may see the ray of light as early as summer of 2010.

This further adds more credibility to the leak that HP has shelved its Windows 7 touchscreen tablet, Slate, which Microsoft had heavily used in its promotions for Windows 7 as a touchscreen-friendly OS. However, it is rumored that HP wasn’t happy with the battery performance with Windows 7 and hence the PC manufacturer turned to the lighter mobile OS from Palm, which it recently acquired.

The WebOS-powered HP tablet, which has been codenamed Hurricane is rumored to be hitting the markets as early as June this year, pitching it directly in competition to Apple’s iPad, which runs on the popular iPhone OS. By resorting to a mobile platform OS, HP is trying to make inroads into the mobile eco-system, which is heavily reliant on third-party developers for sustainability in the market.

Whether HP will be able to reproduce the success that Apple is enjoying with its iPad, by turning to WebOS for its flagship tablet remains to be seen.

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By , Chief International Correspondent on May 11th, 2010 GMT +2


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