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Nokia Sues Apple Again, Adds iPad 3G to Culprit List

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WISCONSIN, USA – The Apple-Nokia saga on patent violations refuses to die with the two giants now involved in as many as five legal suits over patent violations. The latest suit slapped by Nokia accuses¬†Apple’s iPad 3G and iPhone of five patent violations.

The latest filing by Nokia lists patent technologies relating to iPad 3G and iPhone infringing five patents related to “enhanced speech and data transmission, using positioning data in applications and innovations in antenna configurations that improve performance and save space, allowing smaller and more compact devices”.

Apple has been widely acclaimed for its design, especially with iPhone and iPad, which have catapulted the Cupertino manufacturer to a world-wide market. Its latest device, the iPad, which has blurred the lines between an e-book reader and a netbook is a market phenomenon with Apple reporting sales of over a million iPads in just under a month since its launch in April this year. The manufacturer released the 3G version of iPad last week, and in less than a week, Nokia responded with a  new patent infringement lawsuit.

While the Nokia-Apple suing and counter-suing has been going since October last year, the two giants seemed to be heading towards an out-of-court settlement, when both manufacturers requested ITC to delay the ongoing investigations over the patent infringement saga till mid-2012, while the investigation was widely expected to have concluded a year earlier. However, the talks seem to have failed, with Nokia now slapping Apple with a fresh patent infringement suit in a Wisconsin court, best known for its speedy settlement of patent infringement suits.

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By , Chief International Correspondent on May 9th, 2010 GMT +2


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