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More Evidence for Motorola RAZR3 Spotted

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SCHAUMBURG, USA – Leading US manufacturer Motorola, which has been concentrating on the uber smartphone segment to stage a comeback in the handset market, is rumored to be working on an update for its best selling series – the clamshell RAZR.

A prototype of the model, which most possibly will be called the RAZR3, was first spotted by Travis from Techman, who released a video walkthrough of the prototype. Following the leak, live images of  RAZR3 were released by popular gadget blog, Boy Genius Report.

The first version of RAZR was launched way back in 2003, which catapulted the US manufacturer to second position in the global sales in 2006, riding heavily on RAZR sales which accounted for more than 110 million units, over four years the first model reigned in the market.

In a bid to mimic the success, Motorola launched a better equipped RAZR2 in mid 2007, but was unable to repeat the success of its predecessor. The manufacturer was guilty of holding onto its design for too long, thereby losing its appeal in the market.

The subsequent years saw Motorola’s handset division disappear in the oblivion with none of its products being able to make an impact in the market and the manufacturer shied away from the market for most part of 2009.

However, in late 2009, Motorola re-emerged with Google Android powered smartphones, which have been performing well in the market. Armed by the boost in sales in its smartphone line-up, the manufacturer may have been tempted to re-look at its best selling series with RAZR3.

Source: Techman

As can be seen in the video above, Motorola seemed to have sticking with RAZR2’s design with a touch-capable secondary screen, while the camera has been updated to 5 megapixels. Other hardware updates include GPS and Wi-Fi, making it the best equipped RAZR and will probably be targeted at the higher end of mid-level segment.

The software of RAZR3 has been reworked as well, with a Symbian UIQ and several handy applications, including a voice suite by Nuance. While it is still unclear whether the final version of the device will be released, the build and features of the leaked prototype are hinting at the model being very close to production, and Techman claims the model was slated for a late 2009/early 2010 release.

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