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How-to: Time Lapse Photography with a Nokia Phone

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Time lapse photography is a technique which makes it possible to capture beautiful imagery giving it a very artistic video feel. The effect is widely used in professional videos and documentaries. The requirements for achieving this effect are quite low. An S60 phone with a camera, a tripod and a subject to shoot is all that is required to shoot a timelapse video.

If you have a modern Nokia device, then you should have an option to select the time duration after which your device will take a photograph. It is highly recommended to set up the interval at 10 seconds.

The process of getting the images involves setting up the device on a tripod, we recommend MobileFun’s one, review by us here. Choose your subject and set a time interval appropriate to the scene. If you are photographing a sunset, for example, then it makes sense to have a 10 second gap, while a flower opening can be set for a 1 minute interval.

Now to make a video, you need to download ResizeJPEG and MakeAVI. Drag and drop your images into a folder on your desktop and fire away ResizeJPEG and resize them to VGA resolution, i.e. 640×480 pixels. Open MakeAVI and import all of the pictures. Set the framerate and click Begin!. Select the codec of your choice and the application will begin stitching the images together into a video.

Below is our experience of a time-lapse video, captured with a Nokia N95. YouTube provides some great soundtracks with its AudioSwap feature, and the one on our video perfectly matched the time when the storm rushed in, about half-way through the video.

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