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Microsoft’s Manual Desktirity Brings Simultaneous Stylus, Finger Multi-touch

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REDMOND, USA – Leading software developer Microsoft has been at the forefront of several technologies related to user interfaces on desktop and mobile platforms. Showcasing its R&D activities in the lucrative sector, Microsoft demoed its Skinput technology early this year, which has been followed up with the revolutionary multi-touch technology manual desktirity.

Targeted at larger touchscreen panels of the likes of netbooks, e-readers and Microsoft’s much hyped touchscreen coffee table Surface, manual desktirity allows simultaneous usage of a custom designed infrared stylus and finger multi-touch, adding a new dimension to interactions on a touchscreen panel.

The demo video released by Microsoft Research team of Kin Hickey, Koji Yatani, Michael Pahud, Nicole Kodington, Jenny Rodenhouse and Bill Buxton shows a drawing application that simultaneously recognises multiple fingers and stylus inputs. The research team demonstrates several applications of the new touchscreen technology which functions in the absence of any visible buttons for most of the commonly performed tasks in a drawing application.

Real life activities of holding a paper in one hand and cutting with the other are translated seamlessly onto a touchscreen device where similar actions can be performed with photos and other art works. While the technology looks very promising, it may take couple of years to be realised in a commercially viable product. Microsoft’s Surface itself has been in the news for over three years now and is expected to take year or two before we see an actual device in the global market. Microsoft is expected to incorporate this innovative manual desktirity technology in its Surface as and when its commercially released.

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By , Chief International Correspondent on Apr 16th, 2010 GMT +2


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