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How to: Hack Nokia N97, 5800, 5230, 5530, Sony Ericsson Satio

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Ever wanted to install apps without having to go through the entire process of signing them for your individual device? Well, then it is high time that you hacked your device. Today we will teach you how to hack your device, which will enable you to install any application without signing it.

The application which will enable you to achieve the hack is HellOX2, which has been developed by hackers to make it easy for everyday consumers to achieve the feat. The first step involved in this is to download HellOX2 onto your phone or the desktop. Extract the contents on the device using X-plore or any other file management program.

For the next step you will require a 17 capability developer certificate. Install Freesigner and use it to sign the HellOX2 application with the certificate. Now, you just have to run the HellOx2 program. Keep pressing next throughout the screens and choose ‘yes’ to install Modo. Now, you must go to RomPatcher, which is installed during the hacking process. Select and activate the installserver patch.

You have successfully hacked your cellphone to allow you to install unsigned applications. Beware while installing unsigned applications as you run the risk of downloading viruses along with it.

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