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How to: Update the Nokia N79’s Firmware Over-the-Air (OTA)

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Nokia N79The Nokia N79 is a mid-range handset which incorporates high-end features into a relatively low-priced device. Having all modern features including 3G, GPS , Wi-Fi and a high resolution camera and running on S60, it is a complete smartphone, which allows users to install various applications to increase productivity.

The device supports running firmware updates on itself to improve functionality. Nokia has made sure to issue several firmware updates to it to ensure that all bugs are fixed. Today, we teach you how to update the firmware on the device over-the-air (OTA).

All Nokia related device updates are available over at the Nokia Software Updates Page. You can check the current software version on your device by typing *#0000#. Now, from the menu go to the tools menu and open the device manager. From here, you can select the Check for Updates option. Allow the device to connect over 3G or WLAN. When the updates are downloaded, you will get the option to backup your data and update firmware.

Backing up data is highly recommended. After the backup is completed, the phone will restart and the update process will initiate. Let it complete and then the phone will restart and give you the message Phone Updates: Update Completed.

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