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Apple Acknowldeges Wi-Fi Fauxes with iPad, Offers a Fix

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SAN FRANCISCO, USA – Apple just started shipping its latest netbook cum e-book reader device iPad and early adopters have already started reporting problems relating to Wi-Fi connectivity.

Having sold close to 450,000 iPads in less than a week, Apple was basking in the early success of its latest device, but the complaints pouring in from early adopters forced the Cupertino based company to acknowledge the faux just a couple of days after iPad started shipping in the US.

Many users reported the problem pertains to dropping Wi-Fi strengths and iPad’s inability to re-connect to a configured Wi-Fi connection, several users also reported that the iPad was failing to latch on Wi-Fi signals when other Wi-Fi devices were able to connect to the same network at the same spot, hinting at problems with iPad’s Wi-Fi antenna.

While Apple has been mum on problems with  iPad’s Wi-Fi antenna, the manufacturer offered a fix for the “failure to reconnect” faux. Acknowledging the problem, Apple clarified that the problem arised from third-party dual band Wi-Fi routers when more than one network share a same name or have different security settings for different networks. Apple suggests users to use different names for the different Wi-Fi bands and to avoid different security settings for different networks. In case of persisting Wi-Fi connectivity problems, Apple suggests users to reset the network settings of iPad via Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

With Apple shipping only the Wi-Fi versions of iPad since April 3rd, the Wi-Fi faux may have dampened the spirits of early adopters, but the market popularity of this device is unquestionable with more than 450,000 iPads sold in less than a week.

The 3G version of iPad is expected in late April and along with the release of iPhone OS4 bringing some of the most sought-after features, including multi-tasking in spring 2010, sales figures of Apple’s latest device are bound to continue the upward surge.

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By , Chief International Correspondent on Apr 12th, 2010 GMT +2


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