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Review: Nokia X6 Apps

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The Nokia X6 is a Symbian S60 v5 smartphone which means that it can run proper smartphone applications. The device features multitasking support and runs advanced software which can complement and replace several applications.

LCG Jukebox is for those who ever felt the default S60 music player to be lacking. Be it in playlist support, format support or just plain old sound quality. Now users have a wonderful alternative in the form of Lonely Cat Games’ Jukebox. The software brings advanced format support, astounding sound quality, playlist management, easy folder based song selection and even internet streaming to the X6 multimedia device.

Like the power of the S60 platform on the X6 but prefer the user interface of the iPhone? Fret not, as there is an app for that! MyPhone brings the iPhone user interface to the S60 platform. Attention has been paid to the minutest of details as the device emulates everything down to the slide to unlock screen. Threaded messaging enhances the default messaging application.

Are you a Skype addict who feels it difficult to stay unconnected for even a minute ? The Skype app lets users make free Skype-to-Skype calls and IM on 3G or WiFi. The software even lets users share pictures, videos and other files from the phone.

Skype Mobile

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