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Samsung Announces World’s First DivX HD-Certified Handset

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CTIA Wireless 2010, LAS VEGAS, USA – World’s second-largest handset manufacturer Samsung was at the center of all media attention at the just-concluded International CTIA Wireless 2010 Show in Las Vegas, USA. Samsung unveiled the world’s first DivX certified handset – Samsung Wave, along with the announcement of USA’s first commercially available LTE network infrastructure with its partnership with MetroPCS and LTE-enabled, multi-mode, CDMA, 4G handset, Samsung SCH-r900.

While the Bada OS-powered Samsung Wave will be the first handset to render DivX certified content at 720p resolution on mobile devices, Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S is on the verge of getting DivX HD certification. Coming to the LTE-capable device Samsung SCH-R900, no further info was revealed in the media briefing.

Samsung and DivX go back a long way when the handset manufacturer released the first DivX-certified handset in 2007, the Samsung F500, and has been at the forefront of DivX-certified handsets along with its Korean counterparts LG. With the Samsung Wave, the electronics giant is setting new standards for mobile handsets by bringing DivX-certified 720p resolution video content to the mobile devices. Further, with the Samsung Galaxy S, boasting of a 4″ Super AMOLED touchscreen and fast processor, the upcoming DivX HD certification  should propel the device to the top position in the genre of entertainment phones.

For its first LTE device, Samsung  has partnered with wireless operator MetroPCS Communications, a provider of unlimited, flat rate, contract-free wireless communication services for LTE compatible handsets in the US. LTE and WiMAX are two competing technologies for the next generation of smartphones and with HTC going with LTE for its HTC Evo 4G, Samsung has resorted to LTE for its next-generation smartphone. LTE has a rumored edge over Evo’s WiMax with speeds of up to 100Mbps versus speeds of 6mbps for Sprint’s WiMax. Such high speeds of LTE make possible a gamut of services including real-time streaming video on demand (VOD), music downloads, enhanced web-browsing capabilities at high download speeds, and utilizing voice communications to increase productivity and access downloadable applications. As per the present plan, MetroPCS is to deploy a commercial LTE network in various metropolitan markets, including the Las Vegas metropolitan area where Samsung Mobile LTE network products will be used.

While DivX-certified handsets haven’t made a market impact that Samsung and DivX were looking forward to with their earlier devices, the availability of 720p HD video content coupled with a fast processor and AMOLED screen should give Samsung a foothold in entertainment centric handset segment.

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By , Chief International Correspondent on Mar 30th, 2010 GMT +2


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