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Samsung Becomes Mobile Market Leader in North America

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SEOUL , South Korea – The world’s second largest mobile phone manufacturer , Samsung Mobile, has jumped ahead of Motorola to become the largest selling mobile phone brand in North America. Samsung has an established market percentage at about 25.7%, according to Strategy Analytics. This achievement was enabled by the record breaking 48.5 million units shipped to North America in 2009.

Samsung considers North America to be the largest and most competitive market in the world. Motorola, the previous market leader, shipped 39.9 million devices in 2008 but these figures dropped by 6% to about 30.3 million units. Industry analysts peg this rise in sales owing to the wide variety of devices offered by the Korean manufacturer. Samsung has a huge presence in the mid-range touchscreen enabled device market as well as among the high-end devices.

The next goal on Samsung’s agenda is to create a competitive edge for its smartphones thereby increasing the number of shipments to 18 million units of smartphones, which would represent a three-fold increase. Achieving this could be a challenge as Samsung faces strong competition from Apple and BlackBerry-maker RIM.

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By , International Correspondent on Feb 24th, 2010 GMT +2


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