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Sagem, UPEK to Bring Fingerprint Recognition to Mobile Devices

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PARIS, France РUPEK  is a  company that is considered to have a superior fingerprint technology, which offers industry-leading recognition accuracy, ruggedness, power efficiency, and enhanced touch-input capabilities as well as support of a standards-based, open-platform software solution. In an interesting move, Sagem and UPEK have decided to collaborate and provide fingerprint technology to all cell phones.

Google Android is to be part of the move and we can soon expect to see Android devices which will have fingerprint readers integrated.

While the concept of having a fingerprint readers in mobile devices is nothing new, it has previously been relegated to enterprise devices running on Windows Mobile. The premise of having a fingerprint reader is unbeatable security linked to one’s own fingerprint.

The collaboration between Sagem and UPEK should give fruit to open fingerprint identity solutions, enabling all interested parties to make mobile applications and services more secure, faster and easier to use.

We expect more information about this move at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona starting next week.

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By , International Correspondent on Feb 7th, 2010 GMT +2


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