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An Introduction to Samsung’s Bada OS

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SEOUL, South Korea – Samsung is one of the world’s biggest cell phone manufacturers. With a tremendous market presence and a vast line-up running a consistent UI experience TouchWiz, over varying core operating systems, it makes perfect sense for Samsung to launch its own smartphone operating system.

Samsung Bada is a complete smartphone platform, able to run high-performance native apps, and services. The Bada platform has been designed from the ground up to the needs of the user by delivering the best possible platform for innovation for the developer.

The consumers’ expectations of the user experience (UX) are higher than ever before. Simply being new doesn’t cut it any more. Quick acclimation and enjoyment are increasingly important. The latest version of TouchWiz, the UX solution for Samsung’s touch mobile phone, is included in Bada. The Samsung UX team has developed and added chic touch interaction and components to increase its simplicity and ease of use. In Bada, there are 30+ stylish common controls. A Flash control is also provided, so that developers can implement Flash-based UI and can use abundant existing Flash-based content in their applications.

The integrated web browser control makes it a snap to embed web content into application. And application controls, such as the dialer, media browser, and contact editor, make it even easier to handle the device and data.It also supports sensor-based, context-aware applications. By using various sensors such as accelerometers, tilt, weather, proximity, and activity sensors, application developers can easily implement context-aware interactive applications.

The first smartphone running on Bada is understood to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, in less than 10 days.

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By , International Correspondent on Feb 5th, 2010 GMT +2


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