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Alcatel to Sell Cheapest Android Phone

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Alcatel OT 890 Google AndroidPARIS, France and HUIZHOU, China – Alcatel, a joint venture between Alcatel Lucent of France and TCL Communications of China, thrives on the low-mid end market and are fairly popular in Europe and Asia. The manufacturer hasĀ announced the availability of its latest smartphone, the OT-980. The latest offering runs on hardware closely resembling the Palm Pre, while offering the Google Android operating system.

The hardware specifications of the device are commonplace by today’s standards. The OT-980 runs Android 1.6 on a resistive touchscreen with 240×320 pixels in resolution, a 600MHz processor, 192MB RAM, with support for Wi-Fi, GPS, ab accelerometer (motion sensor), 3.5mm headset jack, 2 megapixel camera, and microSD memory card expansion.

The importance of this particular device lies not in its hardware specifications but in its price. The device, which is purported to be launched by Orange-France in mid-2010, is poised to become the cheapest Android phone, as the company plans to undercut the HTC Tattoo. If Alcatel manages to launch the device at a fairly low price, the device could take off as the low-end segment is currently lacking Android devices.

The Alcatel OT-980 will be officially announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in two weeks’ time.

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By , International Correspondent on Feb 3rd, 2010 GMT +2


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