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100mbps LTE Achieved with USB Wireless Modem

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OULU, Finland – In a major breakthrough for mobile internet technology, Nokia Siemens Networks and LG have announced the successful achievement of an LTE downlink data transfer rate of 100mbps, the maximum speed for a Class 3 LTE terminal.

LTE equipment is classified on the basis of its maximum uplink/downlink speed, the achievement of the maximum limit of class 3 devices is quite a technological breakthrough. The call was completed using Nokia Siemens Networks’ LTE radio equipment including the Flexi Multiradio Base Station, its Evolved Packet Core network elements and standards-compliant software along with a pre-commercial LTE USB modem from LG Electronics. Nokia Siemens and LG had most recently, in November 2009, completed LTE Interoperability tests.

Marc Rouanne, head of Network Systems, Nokia Siemens Networks had this to say about LTE and the future direction to be taken by Nokia Siemens: “LTE is the super-fast mobile broadband technology that we are able to deliver today. It helps operators address the challenge of growing data traffic as well as delivering a superior end-user experience. We’re driving the introduction of LTE through our collaboration with leading device vendors, such as LG ,and by providing a smooth and cost-efficient transition path to LTE via a software upgrade only”.

The two companies plan to test LTE operations in other bands to increase performance.

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By , International Correspondent on Feb 2nd, 2010 GMT +2


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