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PhoneReport Celebrates Three Years of Contribution to the Telecom News Industry

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JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Today PhoneReport celebrates three years of existence, with more than 2000 published news articles, reviews, interviews, market analyses, but overall, insightful contribution to the telecommunications-news industry.

Throughout these three years, PhoneReport faced progress in many fronts: today it manages 25 blogs and many forums, all relating to mobile phones and mobile software.

The editorial team at the publication is spread across the four corners of the world, with editorial headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa; administrative office in Lisbon, Portugal; our chief international correspondent‘s office in Singapore; an office in Pune, India; and two in the United States of America, one in each extreme of the country.

Dhruv Buthani will join our staff later today as a new international correspondent, bringing the latest cellular news from a new office in New Delhi, India, adding an important localisation for our publication.

PhoneReport is now known as an influential insider in the telecommunications sector, with network operators, manufacturers and software developers recurring to us to reach the global audience.

Regular readers will remember notable correspondents, such as Christopher McFann, once our senior international correspondent, and many others, who now work at other publications. We are ever-expanding our editorial team, suffering positive changes along the way, but according to the popular saying, “one must never forget where one comes from”, therefore today we thank all our past editors and contributors, those who once belonged to the PhoneReport family.

It is certainly a happy day for the global staff at our publication – not only the PhoneReport editors, but all our bloggers, forum members, and past contributors.

Most importantly of all, we need to thank our readers, who have commented, argued and supported us in many of our more than 5000 published articles  which count with more than 21 million views (entire PhoneReport network of websites).

Recently we revamped the PhoneReport news portal with a new, fresh and appropriate design that reflects our professional news website profile. We have also been added to the Google News directory, further strengthening our reputation as a reliable news source.

This year our RIM-affairs correspondent David Fein attended the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 in Las Vegas. We plan to attend many more of these important events worldwide to bring our readers the best, first-hand coverage of the latest announcements in mobile technology.

PhoneReport at the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona, the world's most important telecommunications event

As part of our third-year program, we plan to begin publishing video reviews at our YouTube channel, and there are many more surprises planned for 2010.

Lastly, my co-founder Muhammad Hussein and myself Meraj Chhaya would like to congratulate all our current staff, members and readers – we plan to serve you for many more years with the expert insight that you are used to.

Happy birthday PhoneReport!

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By , Editor-in-Chief, Johannesburg office

Published on Jan 30th, 2010 GMT +2


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