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Nokia N900 App Review: eCoach

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The Nokia N900 has a wide variety of features as it is an integration of a mobile phone and a internet tablet.

There is a new application that adds a new functionality to this handset. Neither a phone app nor an internet app, eCoach is a sport app for managing sport and exercise activities. Ideal for those users who like to exercise and have a control of where they are, the distance they have ran already, etc..

By using the integrated GPS, eCoach keeps track of all sports and outdoor activities. The application works as a complement of the activity as it displays speed and distance in real time. A further great featured that this application presents is the built-in training diary which helps the user to track the progress towards the work to the specific training goals.

The application supports Open Street Map, Google Earth, and Virtual Earth, enabling to view personal routes on the map and share them with friends at a later point – the ideal would be an applet for Ovi Maps.

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By , International Correspondent on Jan 28th, 2010 GMT +2


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