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World’s Fastest 3G Network in the Hands of 3 Scandinavia

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Denmark and Sweden – “Our Scandinavian customers are sophisticated users with high demands in terms of mobile broadband services.” That’s how Peder Ramel, CEO at 3 Scandinavia defined its customers as this is the reason for the four-times-faster mobile broadband 3 Scandinavia aim.

From 21mbps to 84mbps will be the network upgrade for Danish and Swedish consumers. Making it more easy to use internet applications, navigate through the web, videoconferencing and even online gaming while on the go. Complementing the upgrade, there will be a new 3G network over the 900MHz frequency band.

The world’s first 84mbps network will be put in place by Ericsson, and the place chosen are Denmark and four of Sweden’s major cities. In addition, this will be the first Sweden’s 900MHz 3G network. The arrangement is for a three-year contract between Ericsson and the carrier 3, and the aim is to upgrade the existing 3G network from 42 Mbps to 84Mbps and an additional new WCDMA/HSPA radio access network on the 900MHz frequency band. The upgrade is expected to start in the first quarter of the current year.

“We were the first to launch turbo 3G in the Nordic region and now we are first signing up for the world’s fastest 3G. […] Ericsson is evolving our network so we can meet these demands and give our customers true connectivity, wherever they are – from city office to country cottage,” added the CEO at 3 Scandinavia. On the other side of the contract, Mikael Bäckström, Head of Market Unit Nordic and Baltics at Ericsson, showed the excitement on this new long-term project and highlighted the confidence on the products that the carrier has shown.

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By , International Correspondent on Jan 25th, 2010 GMT +2


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