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Nokia Close to Enabling its Flexible Cell Phone Concept

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ESPOO, Finland – Few years ago, a new cell phone concept was presented by Nokia as the company’s vision for the future. The Nokia 888 and the Morph were the example of this vision as they showed how a cell phone could be able to transform itself with the aid of nanotechnology.

Recently, the manufacturer patented a technology entitled “USER INTERFACE, DEVICE AND METHOD FOR A PHYSICALLY FLEXIBLE DEVICE”  and described as:

A user interface including a flexible display configured to display graphical objects and a controller configured to detect a first bend and determine a resulting first foldline, determine a graphical object being intersected by the first foldline and execute a function associated with the graphical object.

The interpretation of this patent is that a technological breakthrough has been reached by Nokia in similarity to motion recognition.

However, although flexible screens do exist, a flexible device seems to be not possible yet as it would require flexible parts that haven’t been “perfected”, such as flexible battery, electronic board, etc.. It is certainly something for the future.

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By , International Correspondent on Jan 25th, 2010 GMT +2


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