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UPDATE-1: Rogers HTC Magic also Affected by 911 Glitch

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TORONTO, Canada – HTC Dream owners had received a message from local carrier Rogers asking them to disable the GPS owing to a software problem interfering on 911 calls. In addition to this decision, The problem has been located on the network’s HTC Magic as well.

The issue forced the carrier to send the same text message to the HTC Magic owners. The handset is no longer available for sale either, until the software bug is fixed.

It is imperative that users of this handset follow the instruction from Rogers, as the inability to dial 911 could be fatal in emergency situations.

An official statement from Rogers was released in order to give more information about the actual situation. It explains the software issue detected on the HTC Dream when making 911 calls and how at first glance the HTC Magic wasn’t presenting the same issue. However, the glitch was confirmed on this last device as it showed up intermittently. HTC is already working on the software update as a solution to be ready as soon as possible. The Dream to Magic upgrade program that Rogers was offering is also temporarily on hold.

Rogers has instructed HTC Dream and HTC Magic owners to follow the steps below.

1) Select Menu
2) Select Settings
3) Select Location
4) Uncheck Enable GPS Satellite

UPDATE-1: The problem has been fixed by HTC. Rogers requires all HTC Magic and Dream owners to update their software, otherwise their internet connection will be disabled. The update for the HTC Magic also brings Android 1.5 with Sense UI.

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By , International Correspondent on Jan 24th, 2010 GMT +2


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