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Nokia N900 App Review: TuneWiki

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Apparently, listening to music on one’s mobile phone hasn’t been so entertaining since the TuneWiki application. Available for Nokia N900, this application complements the action of listening music as it shows the lyrics of the current songs on the music player. This is how is defined and introduced by its author: “TuneWiki is a social media player that allows you to experience music in a new way.”

It does not only show the lyrics, it also shows it line by line as the song goes by. However, it would be great if it also worked as a karaoke app, highlighting word-by-word as it is sung by the artist. The presentation helps to its development on the device, as it works as a widget. Making it a great option to put right next to the music player widget on the Nokia’s N900 home screen.

In addition, the TuneWiki community has contributed enough to able most lyrics over 40 languages for tracks officially licensed by publishers. Another interesting feature that this particular application presents, is the TuneWiki MusicMap, “which displays the approximate geographic location of other people listening to specific songs and artists.”

Even though the application has won three international awards for mobile innovation, some users claim that not all songs are supported and some songs do not automatically scroll. Nothing that cannot be fixed with some time as the song-database grows.

Summarizing, TuneWiki is a really innovative application and a very cool one as it helps the user to sing one’s favorites songs or to catch up those lyrics that one can barely understand. The application is available on the Maemo Select page.

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By , International Correspondent on Jan 21st, 2010 GMT +2


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