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Nokia N900 App Review: JoikuSpot

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One of the most highlighted Nokia N900 capacities is the one to have proper internet right at the palm of the hands and the amazing experience that this new device provides. There is a new application coming soon that will take advantage of it and will take it to the limit.

The application is called JoikuSpot and is already available for other devices such as Nokia’s Symbian devices. Its particularity is that it turns the Nokia N900 into a Wi-Fi hotspot making it possible for other devices such as laptops to connect to the Nokia N900 over Wi-Fi in order to connect to Internet through a GSM or UMTS network connection such as 3G. So with this application the full internet experience doesn’t end on the Nokia N900 screen, as it could be shared with other devices.

While is already possible to use the Nokia N900 or any mobile phone with internet connection as a cellular modem only for a single device through a USB or Bluetooth connection between devices, JoikuSpot makes the difference as it enabled this option for more than one device at the time. However, it is important to consider that using JoikuSpot will use much more battery than using the USB or Bluetooth option.

The news published on the Joikusoft Facebook page read:

For those lucky ones already having Nokia N900 we have very good news. JoikuSpot for Maemo OS will be published soon. The new version will include improved UI showing the actual throughput speed plus much more. Stay tuned.

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