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N900 App Review: OMWeather

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As the new Nokia N900 is a hybrid between a mobile phone and an internet tablet, this last quality points out its capacity to bring any information right at the device thanks to its internet power connection. The OMWeather application is one of its kinds that take advantage of this.

As its name points out, the application is weather information center. The characteristic of being a widget gives it the possibility to be shown at all times right at the desktop. Capable of showing 10-day forecast,makes the application very useful and handy. Actually, it shows the temperature of the current day and for the following nine days, the highest and the lower temperatures which are expected for those days along with a little image showing the sky situation (sunny, rainy, cloudy, etc.).

However, it presents a big size, meaning that it occupies a large portion of the screen. This leads to a different opinion between users, some really like it and some do not.

OMWeather has been one of the most downloaded applications since the Nokia N900 was released late in November.

The application can be downloaded through the application manager on the Nokia N900 or via PC on Finally, OMWeather does not only work on Maemo 5 (Nokia N900’s OS), it also works on the previous versions, making it a good option for the older Nokia‚Äôs Internet Tablet N800 and N810.

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By , International Correspondent on Jan 18th, 2010 GMT +2


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