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Nokia N900 App Review: Pyrecipe

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Among some of the applications available for Maemo 5 smartphones, currently only the N900 (there are no Nokia N900 themes yet), Pyrecipe is the most interesting and quiet particular application. From its name, an idea is given on its particularity.

This application is a recipe-manager, making it possible to write recipes adding convenient information such as preparation time, cooking time, quantity of servings, besides the essential ones such as the instructions and the ingredients. In addition, some notes and an picture could be added as well. However, having recipes only on a mobile device may not be to useful, so Pyrecipe is able to export/import the recipes to and from, in many formats. As a manager, searching tools are available, in order to find any recipe on the database.

Another interesting feature is the shopping list. After having decided which meal to cook, it gives the possibility to add it to the shopping list, and all the ingredients needed for it are immediately included. But if there are some of those that are not needed, the user can just simply cross it out.

The app also comes with a timer option, by setting the time and being able to hide it too, plays an alarm. Simple but useful.

It is hard to imagine going to the market with the phone on the hands as shopping list. The idea is far from scary, instead it is quite innovative. It gives the smartphone yet another functionality.

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By , International Correspondent on Jan 11th, 2010 GMT +2


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