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Nokia N900 Game Review: SuperTux

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As Maemo 5 is a recent platform that the developers need to get familiar with it, it is easy to find old classic games available for this platform, as that is the way that most developers work on newly platforms, and as they go through with it, they come up with better graphics games.

SupertTux could be categorized as a classic game. It does not have eccentric graphics, its strength point is entertainment. Similar to the original Super Mario games, SuperTux is a Classic 2D jump-and-run sides roller game.

It is very challenging as it has 26 playable levels, making it immediately fun and simple according to players’ comments. In addition, SuperTux features nine enemies, configurable joystick and keyboard input and cartoony music. Together with a little story, its developers hope to provide a good gaming experience.

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By , International Correspondent on Jan 10th, 2010 GMT +2


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