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Klipsch Launches New Earbuds for iPhone

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INDIANAPOLIS, USA – As the Klipsch Image S4i earbuds, which introduced the three-button iPhone microphone/remote, have had great success, the top-of-the-line Image X10 will be added with this feature too, and be marketed as the Image X10i.

Continuing with the same colors-mix (gold and black) motif that the X10 debuted with, the X10i will keep it, as well as the price, as both will be available for US$349. The X10i should be shipped in early 2010. In addition to the S4i earbuds, a new color-mix will soon be introduced, being black and white, as well as with the metal tin that the S4 carried.

Surprisingly, Apple decided to sell the white ones, making these the first third-party headphones set coming with the iPhone out-of-the-box. According to the source, Apple lovers will be delighted by this two-tone look.

The standard S4i, including the cable material, will continue for US$99. However, it is likely that the range of S4/S4i will present more color options, as the S4 earbuds will be ship in black and white color scheme as well.

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By , International Correspondent on Dec 24th, 2009 GMT +2


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