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New Palm, LG, Motorola Smartphones Coming to Verizon

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NEW YORK CITY, USA – Verizon is understood to be working to come up with three different manufacturers’ smartphones for the first month of 2010. The Palm Pre Plus, which is an upgrade of the original known Palm Pre, is the one of the chosen phones for the network.

There are no specs available, however, there is a rumor suggesting that the Pre Plus may have a bigger screen than the 3.1″ of the original Pre, and also a bigger-size built-in storage than the original’s 8GB, with additional support for microSD memory cards.  Palm, Inc. has scheduled a press event at the Consumer Electronics Show in early January, where it could demonstrate the new smartphone. PhoneReport’s RIM-affairs correspondent David Fein will be present at the Las Vegas event, reporting on the new launches related to the mobile communications world.

The Motorola Devour A555 is another of rumours. Previously, potentially known under the codename Calgary or Sholes, this is the little brother of the Motorola Droid, meaning that it would be cheaper and feature lower specs than the Droid. Despite running on the MOTOBLUR user interface, the phone will receive an upgrade to the Android 2.1 when this one is ready. One possible feature is a 3 megapixel camera.

The last of these three smartphones is the LG VS750, as being the first smartphone from the manufacturer LG that Verizon will launch. According to some web images, the handset looks just like the GM750 from the same manufacturer. As this last one does not support CDMA connectivity, the LG VS750 would support global roaming (CDMA/GSM) giving the idea of being the US version of the GM750 recently released in Europe. In order to have an idea of the possible VS750 specs, these are the GM750 specs: Bluetooth connectivity, a 3.1″ touchscreen display with 240×400 pixels resolution, a 1000mAh battery, a 5 megapixel camera, an optical joystick, and the Windows Mobile 6.5 software platform.

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