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Developing Apps for Palm Gets Easier with the Ares SDK

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palm-pre-live-hands-on-3SUNNYVALE, USA – After being released a few days ago for just a select group of developers, the Palm Ares SDK has gone into public beta version, giving the chance to everyone who has an idea for an application for Palm OS to develop it without having the required knowledge and experience.

Introducing the first mobile development environment completely web-based, meaning that no software installation is necessary, contrasts with Palm’s other webOS SDK, the Mojo. Ares doesn’t need extra tools or purchase to make an app become real.

“Project Ares embodies Palm’s belief that the future of mobile will be built on the web”, the official Ares page says, adding: “Project Ares aims to enable a next-generation mobile development workflow, in which developers move quickly and seamlessly from editing in a browser, to debugging on a device, to selling applications in Palm’s App Catalog or on the web”. This way, Palm is materializing a new concept taking the mobile development to a new level where the barriers are lowered for web developers to get involved in the development of mobile applications without the knowledge complementing their knowledge on design and fresh ideas with the mobile world.

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By , International Correspondent on Dec 21st, 2009 GMT +2


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