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Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Philips Banking on Tried-n-Tested Genres

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nokia-samsung-philips-motorolaGLOBAL – With the competition growing tough and the consumers being smart with their choice of mobile phones, manufacturers are now playing it safe by launching devices based on existing models, offering a few upgrades or downgrades at times to keep the costs low.

The best example of this behavior is Nokia with its experiments with the S60 fifth-edition entry-level series. The Finnish manufacturer entered the touchscreen handphone segment with the world’s first S60 fifth-edition-based device, Nokia XpressMusic 5800 in late 2008 and since then, the manufacturer has launched two devices to this segment, which are mostly tweaks of 5800 sans some of the high-end features of the original device. The latest addition to this list is the Nokia 5233, which looks to be a spin-off of Nokia’s previous entry-level handset Nokia 5230.

Competing manufacturers including Samsung, Motorola and Philips seem to be following the same path with the Samsung C3630, Philips Xenium X605 and X100, and Motorola XT701, also known as Motorola Sholes in the inner circles of the web.

Nokia’s latest addition to its S60 fifth-edition lineup, Nokia 5233, has a striking resemblance with its predecessor Nokia 5230 both with its aesthetics and the rumored hardware specifications that include a 3.2″ touchscreen display with 360×640 pixels, GPS, 3.5mm headset jack and a 2 megapixel camera.


Korean electronics giant Samsung is beefing up its entry-level segment with another candy-bar phone, Samsung C3630, bound to China Mobile. The latest model, which is an update of the Samsung C3212, should be released to China Mobile’s customers in China.


Taking cue from Samsung’s onslaught in budget and entry-level devices, Philips is updating its line-up with the Philips X100. The device which is devoid of camera may be expected to be priced at the far end of entry-level segment.


With the touchscreen devices being the order of the day, Philips is strengthening its own touchscreen line-up with another device, the X605. The slider device is also equipped with an alphanumeric keypad, in addition to a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus and LED-flash.


Another indication of Motorola flodding the market with its Android offerings is the Motorola XT701, which may bears a striking resemblance to the earlier leaked device Motorola Sholes. Not much is known about this leaked device, other than the photo doing the rounds in the web.


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By , Chief International Correspondent on Dec 20th, 2009 GMT +2


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