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Vertu Unveils its V Accessories Collection

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Vertu V AccessoriesCHURCH CROOKHAM, UK – Vertu has unveiled its V Accessories Collection in a rather quiet fashion due to the prices, as the recession hasn’t slowed down.

The Bluetooth-compliant earpiece with 6 hours of charge time is priced on US$780, while a USB memory card reader is also available for a price of US$490 including a 2 GB microSD memory card gift, and finally, a ballpoint pen priced at US$330.

In addition, a special leather case for protection is recommended for all three products, of course, with an added cost.

Vertu is a subsidiary of mobile phone giant Nokia, which focuses on a larger consumer base, and currently holds most of the marketshare. Recently the Finnish manufacturer launched an 18ct gold edition of its successful Nokia 6700, but at an affordable price, in comparison to those of Vertu.

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By , International Correspondent on Dec 12th, 2009 GMT +2


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