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“Mark the Spot” iPhone App Key to AT&T Coverage Strategy

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iPhone App StoreDALLAS, USA – These terrible last few weeks made AT&T carrier put its hands to work and “Mark the Spot” is one product of this. It is an official iPhone app which sends information to AT&T of dropped calls, lack of coverage, data failure and poor voice quality in order to “optimize and enhance the network”

This situation means that AT&T admits the coverage problem that Verizon pointed out on an ad broadcast few weeks ago.

Everything started when rival Verizon Wireless published an aggressive ad against AT&T where customers were able to see the big difference on the 3G coverage between both carriers and the bad AT&T coverage. The victimised network responded quickly demanding Verizon to pull the ads, which failed, and thus AT&T launched its own ads to reverse the situation. But then came a Consumer Reports survey that showed AT&T being ranked last among the major carriers talking about customer satisfaction.

So now with Mark the Spot complaining to AT&T about wireless coverage, it will be easier giving the customer the sensation that they are being heard. It’s a clear strategy to reverse the customer satisfaction by taking the customer’s real experience over its network coverage more seriously. Further, taking advantage of the iPhone’s capabilities is a creative idea.

Lastly, AT&T clarified that it will not give extra weight importance for the same problem from the same person once the spot is marked.

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By , International Correspondent on Dec 10th, 2009 GMT +2


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