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PhoneReport Expands Coverage with New International Correspondent

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Matias Ignacio ErtolaBUENOS AIRES, Argentina and JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Joining the ever-growing PhoneReport news crew is Matias Ignacio Ertola, our new International Correspondent from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ertola is a third-year Industrial Engineering student at the National Technological University (UTN) in the capital city of the South American country. He also possesses a course in Electronics, making him a highly-qualified technology expert.

The international correspondent is interested in all fields of technology, including computer technology, material development, robotics and industry. He believes that “telecommunication is the technological field which is evolving faster than we can imagine”, adding that “mobile phones are the materialization of this. They bring the telecommunications to our hands and every single one of them has a new feature. These are the reasons that explain why I am so fond of mobile phones. I like the integration of information that smartphones can give to us through the GPS, Wi-Fi, Calendar, accelerometer, etc.”

Ertola will publish articles daily that will provide readers with insight and updates on mobile phones, software and the telecommunications industry in general. He also blogs daily at the Nokia N900 Blog, a member of PhoneReport Communities.

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By , Editor-in-Chief, Johannesburg office

Published on Dec 9th, 2009 GMT +2


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