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Fujitsu Unveils 12MP Camera-Phone with Projector and Detachable Keyboard

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Fujitsus F-04B press imageMINATO, Japan – Following the Japanese high-end electronics tradition, Fujitsu has revealed a new Symbian-based smartphone which can be divided in several modules – a 12 megapixel camera, a pico projector or a QWERTY keyboard.

The main section of the handset will contain a 3.4″ touchscreen display and the components needed for it to work properly, including a microSD memory card slot. The device has HSPA connectivity, but no Wi-Fi.

The Fujitsu F-04B will be part of a new series which will have Auto-GPS activated, permitting instant location details as the GPS receiver will always be on. This feature will interact with third-party services, allowing instant weather, travel and games updates, depending on users’ position.

All handsets in DOCOMO’s new line-up, including the F-04B, will be provided with the i-concier service, a personalized concierge-like service which will inform users of fun or useful details when they walk-by their favourite stores, restaurants, etc.. This service will also work with transportation: if users have booked a train, the phone will alert them with relevant information.

Fujitsus-F-04B keyboard

Synchronisation will come out-of-the-box with the F-04B: users’ data, including bookmarks, videos, phone settings, tones, etc. will be stored in DOCOMO’s servers.

A feature unseen in western mobile-phone markets is compatibility with Blu-ray Disc recorders – the F-04B will be able to playback video and transfer content between itself and certain Blu-ray Disc recorders.

Further, parental control will be active for those wishing to offer the smartphone to their child and monitor them. Parents will have control over call, mail, and internet browsing restrictions.

The phone will be available exclusively in Japan’s NTT DOCOMO by April 2010, in both white and black colours.

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Published on Dec 4th, 2009 GMT +2


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