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RIM Announces BlackBerry Storm2 9520 Launch on Two Networks in Italy

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RIM BlackBerry Storm2 press imageROME and MILAN, Italy – The BlackBerry Storm2 is widening its reach – RIM just announced that Vodafone Italia and Wind are both launching the BlackBerry Storm2 this week. It is the same phone that is available on Vodafone UK, with all the new features and utilizing the new 5.0 Operating System. This version includes WiFi with the GSM and UMTS radios.

The Storm2 also has the new SurePress technology for the touchscreen, an improvement over the original Storm’s touchscreen.

Wind is offering the Storm2 for 499€ (US$747), plus the subscription fee for the data plan at an additional 12€ (US$18) per month.

Vodafone Italia is offering the Storm 2 also at 499€ (US$747); however, there are discount plans and other variations to the monthly subscription fees that are available at its website.

Expect more launches in the near future; the Storm2 is RIM’s answer to the iPhone, and the competition is heating up.

[EUR 1 = US$1.49777]

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Nov 23rd, 2009 GMT +2


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