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Storm2 from BlackBerry Debuts in Spain

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RIM BlackBerry Storm2 press imageALCOBENDAS, Spain – Vodafone Spain and Research in Motion launched the Storm2 for customers in Spain. The network joins the USA, UK, and Canada in offering the new smartphone to its customers. The Storm2 is the second generation Storm with several enhanced features, an improved touchscreen, more memory, integrated hard keys, and Wi-Fi.

The improved touchscreen, Wi-Fi, and increased onboard memory are the important enhancements from the first Storm to the new one. Some users had difficulties with the 50MB of memory on the Storm for running applications. Increased memory for all the new applications that are available for the device will improve usability. With GSM and Wi-Fi, the Storm2 adds connectivity and flexibility for users in challenged coverage areas. The device also has the hard keys for send, end, menu, and escape embedded in the new touch screen, compared with the Storm’s implementation of separate buttons. Overall, the Storm2 is a little bit thicker than the Storm, and the touchscreen is slightly larger.

The Storm2 uses the new BlackBerry 5.0 operating system, which is a great improvement over the 4.7 release – the first Storm can be upgraded to 5.0, a highly recommended update. As previously reported, the 5.0 operating system handles media files much more smoothly than 4.7, and interfaces seamlessly with iTunes and Windows Media Player using Media Sync.

Vodafone Spain has a very attractive offer of 29 (US$43) plus tax and an SME agreement, which is 18 months of voice and data. This is similar to the plans in the US and the UK.

[€1 = US$1.486]

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