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T-Mobile to Launch BlackBerry 9700 Bold2 Monday, AT&T to Follow

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BlackBerry Bold2 9700 T-MobileT-Mobile will be the first carrier in the US to offer the BlackBerry Bold2 9700 on its 3G network. The smartphone will be available starting Monday, November 16th, at T-Mobile retail stores, authorized dealers and online.

The Bold2 has already debuted in the UK with Vodafone and T-Mobile UK this past week.

The device is similar to the original Bold with a full QWERTY keyboard. The differences are the trackpad instead of the trackball, a slightly smaller screen (same resolution), and smaller overall dimensions. It will run on the new 5.0 BlackBerry OS on a 624MHz processor. It has a 3.2 megapixel camera, GPS receiver, and ships with a 2GB microSD memory card for extra memory. It also has the new multimedia suite from BlackBerry, making it very easy to use video and audio files.

Unique to T-Mobile, this version will have triband UMTS/HSDPA connectivity, plus T-Mobile’s unique 3G frequency, in addition, what is becoming standard, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The cost for the Bold2 will be US$200 plus a two-year contract, with options for users who don’t wish to have a contract.

AT&T has plans to release a slightly different version of the Bold2 later in November. Pricing is about the same, US$200 with a two-year voice and data plan, and a US$100 mail-in rebate.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Nov 16th, 2009 GMT +2


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