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Review: Blackberry OS Game of the Week

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Shake and Spell BlackBerry gameShake and Spell is an incredibly fun and eye catching game. It works similar to the popular board game Boggle.

In Shake and Spell, the user gets a 4 x 4 board of letters, and must compile words by selecting a letter, and then selecting neighboring ones (any tile touching it in any of the eight directions) to form words. The player can set the game to last one, two, or three minutes.

The gameplay isn’t complex, but if players gets hooked, they will find themselves playing it a lot.

The greatest feature of the game is the online multiplayer functionality, which gives the players the same amount of time and board to play. This is where hardcore fans of other word games such as crossword, wordsearch, and Scrabble will flourish. Online play is definitely fun and time consuming (games go by quickly, but don’t seem to do so), but it isn’t a rare occasion to come across an opponent who has found a ridiculous amount of words out of 16 letters.

The game has chat features, and even allows the player to invite friends to play. This isn’t necessary since the game server will find a match for the player, but it’s still a nice and thoughtful addition.

Shake and Spell is available in the BlackBerry App World for free.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Nov 9th, 2009 GMT +2


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