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Rumour: Nokia Interested in Acquiring Palm

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palm-pre-live-hands-on-5GLOBAL – The rise of Palm’s stock value lately has lead to a flurry of speculations on the market. One explanation – ┬ámentioned by Financial Times among other observers – is that Nokia is either interested in buying the company or is preparing a hostile takeover.

This is not the first time rumours of Nokia interest in Palm have surfaced. Detailed rumours very similar to the current ones have circulated for a long time (see this Unstrung story for an example dated back to 2007).

Many observers doubt that there is any substance to these rumours. Incorporating Palm technology would diversify Nokia’s smartphone offering – already split between Symbian and Linux – even further and there are no clear synergy effects short term. Other observers note, however, that acquiring the Palm brand would open up the door to the smartphone market in the US for Nokia, and that a move such as this from Nokia would be all about long term strategy.

And, as noted by Darcy Travios at Forbes, if one looks past the short term technology issues, there are indeed gains to be made for both companies. Nokia needs a stronger presence in the US smartphone market and Palm needs help with its financial situation.

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By , Nokia-affairs Correspondent on Sep 26th, 2009 GMT +2


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