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Review: Best Blackberry Entertainment App

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Tesla Pad BlackBerry appThere are many useless apps out there – most of them are some simple concept developed just for the fun of it, and have little actual purpose. Tesla Pad might be an example of this, but it is actually worth mentioning. It is an app made specifically for touchscreen devices.

When the app is started nothing shows up apart from a black screen. There are no options or menus. Whenever the screen is touched, animations of electricity jolt across the screen. There’s also a corresponding electrocution sound that plays with the animation. The electric bolts change color, and disappears when the screen isn’t being touched.

The app has no real use for the stereotypical Blackberry user. It won’t increase productivity or log any useful information. The most obvious use (and possible only real one) is to prank people. This is perfect for anybody who constantly has friends asking to check out their touchscreen device. Turn it on before it’s handed over, and watch them shriek as they ‘get shocked’. Or perhaps leave the app running when the device is unattended. If any mischievous friends tend to pick up the mobile and mess with any information, they’ll get a surprise. The phone’s owner would also be alerted thanks to the very loud buzzer.

Many probably won’t find any use in the app, but for those who have experienced some of these situations, Tesla Pad is free in the entertainment category of the Blackberry App World.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Sep 23rd, 2009 GMT +2


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