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Review: Blackberry Game of the Week

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Flight Path BlackBerry gameWith the greater amount of various technologies that is going into mobile devices these days, applications and games have been able to utilize new possibilities in the way their used to create new forms of entertainment.

Flight Path is a new game that uses the motion sensor within the Blackberry Storm 9500. The game requires the player to collocate the 9500 in landscape mode, and tilt the device to guide a shadow plane through rings as it flies.

The game is fun and simple to pick up. It isn’t particularly mind-boggling, but it can be addictive if given the chance. The game becomes more fun the longer it is played. Point multipliers are rewarded as rings are successfully flown through, and taken away when missed. There is no objective except to get as many points as possible before the player misses three rings. This becomes increasingly difficult as the game begins to move faster as it goes on.

It’s not something that is going to change the way games are made or played, but Flight Path is still a pretty fun time killer. It is available at the Blackberry App World for free.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Sep 23rd, 2009 GMT +2


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