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Review: Blackberry OS Theme of the Week

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Vitreous BlackBerry Storm themeVitreous is a theme exclusive to the BlackBerry Storm. The skin is a user-created one by the eveek.

Vitreous is a bright and clean theme, and has an almost futuristic feel to the icon set. In portrait mode, two docks are lodged on the sides. They consist of the first eight applications listed in the main menu. The docks have a low opacity so it doesn’t completely separate itself from the wallpaper.

The default background (which is used in all screens) is clean and very good looking. This is an area where many themes fall short. Most default backgrounds are ugly, bland, or ridiculous looking. The wallpaper can, of course, be changed if the default one isn’t preferred.

The theme is very user friendly and works well. Vitreous’ biggest drawback seems almost silly that it wasn’t included: In portrait mode, the only clickable icons are in the dock. Most efficiency-oriented themes allow the user to access the clock, options, connections, and main menu with various buttons on the front screen. Vitreous lack this very prudent feature, but it is something that might be updated in a later version of the very cool theme.

It is a free theme and can be downloaded at eveek.

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By , RIM-affairs Correspondent on Nov 10th, 2009 GMT +2


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