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Nokia Teaming Up with Lonely Planet in Progress Project

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Nokia Data GatheringGLOBAL – Nokia and Lonely Planet have launched a new website to bring attention to their joint effort to use technology in emerging markets to improve life quality. The website features general information about the initiative and also videos and text describing the currently ongoing projects.

One of the projects described is Nokia Data Gathering in Brazil, a program designed to fight dengue fever. By collecting field data in the surroundings and being able to instantly send the gathered data to a lab via mobile phones, local health workers have been able to reduce the number of dengue cases in Manau by 90%.

Another described project is Nokia Life Tools, allowing farmers in India to receive constant updates on market prices to their mobile phones. This means the farmers can sell their crops for fair prices and avoid being cheated by middle men with better access to information. The program also features educational services such as studying the English language.

The project also features several initiatives in North America, among them the Nokia PEIR (Personal Environmental Impact Report) application. When running PEIR on their mobile phones, users can get detailed real life analysis on how their lifestyle, choice of transportation and so on impacts the environment.

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By , Nokia-affairs Correspondent on Sep 19th, 2009 GMT +2


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