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Nokia N900 Gets US Release Date

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Nokia-N900-01ESPOO, Finland – The Nokia Blog reports that Nokia has confirmed September 27th as the delivery date for the Nokia N900 model to one of its major distributors in the US, meaning that the new handset should be available in stores by October 1st.

The suggested retail price is said to be US$649, quite a bit lower than the price of Nokia N97, which the N900 often has been compared to.

Nokia has a mixed history of keeping announced release dates, but since September 27th is only ten days away, it is very likely that the model will indeed be available in stores from early October.

The Nokia N900 was announced in late August and will be the first Nokia model in the internet tablet tradition to also feature mobile phone functionality. When released, it will also mark the first release of the widely anticipated Maemo 5 operating system.

The handset caused some initial controversy among Nokia users since its features on paper are roughly the same as for the N97 model, released only a few months ago. Nokia releasing flagship models for both the Symbian S60v5 platform and the Linux-based Maemo 5 platform has also caused some debate.

Despite some criticism aimed at the initial software, sales for the N97 model have been solid. Although showcased at Nokia World, Nokia hasn’t marketed the N900 model as aggressively as was the case with the N97 model. So while the N900’s specifications make it a must-have for many power users, it remains to be seen how the N900 model will be received and if it will be able to reach mass market appeal once released.

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By , Nokia-affairs Correspondent on Sep 17th, 2009 GMT +2


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