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Nokia S60v5 Game Review: Tropical Towers

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Tropical Towers Nokia S60v5 gameThe winner of the Best Casual Game at 2009’s International Mobile Gaming Awards may be regarded by some as a copy of games from other console-based games. However, that does not in any way inform one about how addictive and simply fun this game is.

The task at hand for one is simple, to create an avenue for five monkeys to go from the starting point to the end point using destructible and limited number of bamboo sticks. In case that was not enough, there is a task to collect bananas on the way, one for each monkey, to enable the gamer to unlock further missions.

The game boasts a total of five different islands (four regular and one mystery) with nine missions each. One would find the multitude of missions available quite engrossing, as I myself would not give up the prospect of collecting the golden mask as the prize for collecting all five bananas for each mission; any less than that and the gamer gets a regular mask to help unlock the next island. One must also ensure that all monkeys make it through, as no casualties are accepted.

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By , S60 Software Expert on Sep 15th, 2009 GMT +2


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