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Nokia S60v5 Application Review: Shazam

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Nokia S60v5 ShazamShazam is a very popular application that allows users to discover the name of a song that one may be listening to, but does not know or is unsure of the song name and or artist.

The service has now been available for s60v5 devices for over a month and has increasingly become one of the most popular applications in the Ovi Store.

One can use the application to obtain the title and artist of the song, which is provided within 30 seconds. The application listens (records) to about 10 seconds of the song and uses the clip to search for the song over the internet. Thus one would need access to the internet for this application to run.

I have tested the application myself and have found it to be quite satisfying as it not only found songs based on the English language, but also “Fel del av gĂ„rden” by Swedish artists The Movits! The application obviously is unable to ‘tag’ every song that is recorded, but most information on most mainstream music is usually available.

Download Shazam Nokia s60v5

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By , S60 Software Expert on Sep 14th, 2009 GMT +2


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