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Nokia Research Centre Foresees Blended Tech Environment

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Nokia mobile mixed reality GLOBAL – Nokia’s promo video for mobile mixed reality, showcased at Nokia World raises the question if this will be a targeted area for Nokia smartphones in the future.

TheĀ Nokia Research Centre has been working within this area for years, but concrete plans or applications have yet to be announced by Nokia. Meanwhile, third-party applications implementing mobile mixed reality (or augmented reality) do exist for the iPhone and Android platforms. ARound for the S60v3 platform is an example of this.

Nokia Mobile Mixed Reality video:

General implementations of mixed reality include tourist maps with text information and points of interest markers embedded in live camera pictures, game enhancements, and of course, a variety of different GPS, routing and traffic applications.

Nokia’s promotion of mobile mixed reality might be seen as a necessary step to avoid losing ground to its competitors in the smartphone segment. The strategy is also combined with an aim to attract more developers to Nokia’s platforms, as witnessed by the emergence of the Ovi SDK and Ovi Maps APIs. Users of Nokia’s smartphone models – which feature the necessary hardware for this type of application – are likely to see many new apps emerging within this area in the near future.

For a currently available practical example of mobile mixed reality on the Nokia platform, visit the ARound project which features an augmented reality application supporting several Nokia devices.

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By , Nokia-affairs Correspondent on Sep 11th, 2009 GMT +2


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