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Nokia Booklet 3G may Feature Ovi Chat Desktop Client

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OVI chat desktop screenshotGLOBAL – Since the Nokia Booklet 3G was announced with a promo video displaying a desktop with what looks as an instant messaging (IM) client, speculation has began on what the future of Nokia’s IM strategy might look like.

The screenshot does seem to come from a part of the Ovi Suite, indicating that there actually might be a desktop chat client included once the Booklet 3G is released. On the other hand, Nokia Beta Labs have just released a new IM beta for Nokia Messaging, supporting Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Ovi accounts. While the beta currently only supports the Nokia E75, E71 and E63 devices, once in production, it will support a wide range of Symbian-based models.

Adding to the picture is the upcoming Maemobased Nokia N900. Maemo 5 promises IM directly integrated in the address book, meaning there is no need to open an external chat client. Support will be included for the most popular chat protocols, probably meaning Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, AIM, Windows Live Messenger and – of course – Ovi contacts.


Nokia Chat was released in 2008, since then re-branded as Contacts on Ovi, and started out as a separate service with separate accounts. These latest offerings incidate, however, that Nokia’s strategy is now focused as much on integrating with existing services as it is on developing IM within Ovi as a separate service. This is a natural evolution both for Nokia as a service provider and for the market in general. Many users want the ability to choose freely among devices and services and still be able to communicate with friends and colleagues through IM.

Although Nokia’s IM offerings so far are not as widely used as some of the competing solutions, it is worth noting that there were over 70 million Symbian phones sold during 2008 and around 40 million sold during the first half of 2009 – this only in the smartphone segment. This means that if Nokia can integrate with existing services and gain more presence in IM on the Symbian, Windows and Linux platforms, the number of potential users are enormous on a number of different devices.

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By , Nokia-affairs Correspondent on Sep 10th, 2009 GMT +2


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